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Stand-Up Pouch


Standing Pouches offer excellent Point-of-Sales display and help maximize shelf space. Used for a variety of products ranging from industrial applications to the food and beverage industry, Standing Pouches have revolutionized the consumer packaging industry.

We provide a multitude of material combinations to suit your packaging requirements. Our Standing Pouches provide quality barrier protection and can be integrated with options such as tear-notches and zippers to achieve your desired solution.


3-Side Seal Pouch


Used to package daily consumer products such as dry food, sauces and condiments, 3-Side Seal Pouches provide both a cost-effective and versatile answer to the packaging configurations of our clients. Accessorized with options such as tear-notches and zippers, our printed 3-Side Seal Pouches ensure your product is packed in a conventional yet eye-catching manner.


Gusset Bag


Specifically designed for heavy loads and large volumes, Gusset Bags provide our clients the perfect structure to fit such requirements. Common uses for this packaging option include pet food, rice, horticultural products, powdered items, etc.

Similarly, the Gusset Bag can be equipped with tear-notches and zippers to provide a solution applicable to your needs.



Consisting of a bladder bag made of metalized or other polymer films, accessorized with fitments and seated within a corrugated shell, the Bag-In-Box product is a cost effective solution for packaging large quantities of liquids. Our Bag-In-Box fitments include taps, caps and pouring devices.

At a fraction of the weight of other conventional liquid packaging forms, the Bag-In-Box saves on storage costs and maximises transportation efficiency, giving our clients a competitive advantage over other similar companies. This lightweight and compact design of the Bag-In-Box helps to minimise handling during the production cycle and increases space efficiency thereby reducing logistics costs during storage and transportation. The disposable nature of the Bag-In-Box eliminates the cost of container cleaning and the requirement for a return transit.

Printed Rolls & Rewinds


Printed Rolls and Rewinds are used in automated filling machines to package each product during the filling process. Different film substrates are laminated together and supplied to our clients in rolls according to their specified dimensions.

Through the lamination of these film substrates, our Printed Rolls and Rewinds assist in retaining the integrity of your packaged product. In the case of food products, they also help retain the purity and freshness of the packaged item by acting as a barrier against light, oxygen and water vapor.

To further enhance your product, our nine-color rotogravure printing system is able to provide a sharp and vibrant finish to your packaging designs, therefore offering an effective point-of-sales marketing tool for your product.

In addition to package forming, Printed Rolls and Rewinds can be used to provide peel-off lidding’s for packaging structures that use molded plastics. Examples of these are prevalent in the packaging structures of items such as yoghurt and disposable contact lenses.



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